Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Warm-Up Activities for Teaching sessions

The following warm-up activities, sometimes called energizers are often used at the beginning of a session or when you feel that things need livening up because there is not much enthusiasm. They are meant to be enjoyed and fun rather than educative.

Long lost relative
As a group,
1) Ask each person to turn to the person on their right and greet him/her as if they really didn't want to be there. Yeah, you know what I mean - you can't wait to get out of there!
2) Then everyone (simultaneously to create lots of fun and excitement) turn to the same person and greet him/her as if (s)he is a long lost, deeply loved relative who has just returned home and you're about to see the person for the first time in years! In fact, you thought you may never see this person again until this very moment.
3) Now ask everyone (again simultaneously) to turn to the same person and greet him/her as if this person just told you that you won the state lottery for 50 million dollars and you have the ONLY winning ticket!

Ball toss
Have everyone stand up and form a resemblance of a circle. It does not have to be perfect, but they should all be facing in, looking at each other. Toss a ball to a person and have them tell what they thought was “the most important learning concept” was relating to the Module on Self development for Educational Leaders. They then toss the ball to someone and that person explains what they thought was the most important concept. Continue the exercise until quite a few caught the ball at least once and explained an important concept of the material just covered.

Change after a while to “The most difficult concept”

Circle of FriendsForm two large circles (or simply form two lines side by side), one inside the other and have the people in the inside circle face the people in the outside circle. Ask the circles to take one step in the opposite directions, allowing them to meet each new person as the circle continues to move very slowly. If lines are formed, they simply keep the line moving very slowly, as they introduce themselves and tell each other the following:
o The best thing that happened to me professionally
o The worst thing that happened to me professionally

Point, Nod, and Walk Have participants stand in a circle so they can make eye contact with everyone. Do not talk during this warm-up. Point to someone. When they acknowledge you with a nod, you may walk to their place. The individual that nodded to you must point to someone else and receive a nod before they can move. Adjust your pace so you get to the place after it has been vacated rather than while the individual that nodded to you is still there. After the group feels comfortable, you can speed up the pace or give them the option of shaking their heads instead of nodding. Explain to them that they are working as an ensemble. The object is to accomplish tasks together regardless of difficulty.

Magic Wand
¨ If you had a magic wand, what would you change? This is an icebreaker that opens minds, considers possibilities, and energizes the group.
¨ Participants are given 5 minutes to think of three things they would like to change about education in Guyana.
¨ First person takes the wand and waves it and tells the rest what they would change
¨ This person gives the wand to another of their choice who does the same thing.
¨ This is repeated about fifteen times

2 Truths & a Lie
¨ People write down two truths about themselves and a lie. Then introduce the three "facts" to the rest of the group who tries to guess which one is a lie.
¨ Facilitator gives an example
¨ People are encouraged to be sensible and funny or even outrageous
¨ The rest of the group votes on the one they think is a lie
¨ If the group gets it wrong, the liar is the winner.

Have You Ever?¨ The facilitator explains that he/she will call out different things that may or may not apply to each person. If the item does apply to you, then run into the middle, jump in the air, and do a high 5 with anyone else who runs in.
¨ List of Possible "Have Your Ever?" Items:
¨ Have you ever climbed to the highest point in your country of birth?
¨ Have you ever lived overseas for more than 1 year?
¨ Have you ever had a trainee who didn’t hand in his / her work on time?
¨ Have you ever sung karaoke?
¨ Have you ever been without a shower for more than 1 week?
¨ Do you have both a brother and a sister?
¨ Have you ever ridden a horse?
¨ Have you ever gone to work in a canoe?
¨ Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
¨ Can you speak 2 or more languages?
¨ Have you ever been in love with someone who was vegetarian?
¨ Have you swum in 2 or more different oceans?
¨ Have you ever flown an airplane?
¨ Have you broken 3 or more bones in your body?
¨ Have you ever put more hot pepper sauce on your meal than you wanted?
¨ Have you done volunteer work sometime in the last month?
¨ Have you ever free-climbed a tree or rock face more than 10 meters vertically?
¨ Have you ever had a close relative who lived to over 90?
¨ Have you ever had a trainee who asked you a question you couldn’t answer?
¨ Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 10 people?
¨ Have you ever kept a parrot as a pet?
¨ Have you ever been parachuting or done a bungee jump?
¨ Can you click your fingers on your non-dominant hand?
¨ Have you ever seen a live polar bear?
¨ Have you ever attended a workshop in NCERD?

Evaluation Bus-stopping
¨ An A4 sheet of each activity that was done throughout the week is posted on the wall in front of the auditorium
¨ Each person has 4 different colours of sticky
o Colour 1 = Learnt the Most
o Colour 2 = Learnt the least
o Colour 3 = Liked the most
o Colour 4 = Disliked the most
¨ All stick their stickies on the sheets that apply to the categories above
¨ Facilitator comments on what has happened

Human Knot
In a circle, people put their arms in and hold someone else's hand, then try to unravel the knot without letting go of hands. Involves getting physically close to others, stretching, laughing and problem solving.


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