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Become A Leader!

The staff of NCERD would like to offer a very warm welcome to everyone, wherever you are in the world, who has decided to read and follow this Education Management Programme, especially trainees throughout Guyana. 
Remember that all the modules have been rewritten and are now COMPLETELY GUYANESE. However, they are applicable to many cultures and can be adapted accordingly. The resource is FREE and you are welcome to pick and choose what you want. The programme is very interactive and you are encouraged to reflect on your own practice as you go along. We always give our own thoughts on these reflections, so you can see whether you are on the right lines or not.

All of the Modules, the Programme Handbook and the Trainee Assessment Guide are already available on this website both in text and PDF format. Just go to the sidebar on the right to find links to them. 

If you are not on the programme but simply want to look at the materials, you can download them from this site. 

And also, a word to those of you who are looking at these materials from further afield. We've seen you browsing from Africa, Asia, Central and South America. The materials can be freely reproduced in any Commonwealth country with the permission of the Commonwealth Secretariat in London. Otherwise, as they are on the net, if you are not in Guyana, they are for individual use. We would appreciate an email so that we know who is using them to admin@ncerdleaders.com.

So, as you can see, there is a great thirst for training at this Leadership Level in our schools. We'll finish by reminding you that .......

"Good leaders are expensive but bad leaders are even more costly when we try to rectify the mistakes they make."
Get yourself trained if you are going
to do the job properly.
Our children deserve nothing less than the best.

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