Wednesday, 15 May 2019

What is NCERLEADERS and the Education Management Programme?

NCERDLEADERS was created as a joint project between the UK based Voluntary Service Overseas, the Commonwealth Institute and the National Centre for Education Resource Development, Ministry of Education in Georgetown Guyana.

The site was developed by the VSO Education Management Specialist at NCERD and principally contains information relating to Education Management and Leadership in Guyana. It has been updated and refreshed in December 2015 with older, out of date material removed, incorporating a new look. We hope you like the improvements.

The project was developed to support Educational Leaders both at the national and local level as well as Headteachers, prospective Headteachers and teachers. Along with this, its main function is to provide a distance learning tool for the Guyana Education Management Certificate. 

As you will see, all of the materials for that programme are published on this site. They can be found on the sidebar to the right. Click on the link and you will find the text only modules. Below those, you will find a link to download the modules in PDF format. You can save them on your computer and read them when you like.

Links to other interesting areas and sites can be found on the tabs above. You will also find numerous links to other educational websites in Guyana and around the world. Feel free to look through them.

And finally, the Education Management Programme is equally valid in educational settings around the world, not just in Guyana. You can adapt the materials to suit your own needs. The resources are Free.

If you feel you want to comment on anything in the site, you can do so at the end of each article or you can contact us by email. See the sidebar on the right for details.

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