Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Motivating Children and Teachers

There are all sorts of things that motivate adults. They range from good salaries to favourable working conditions and promotion prospects to job satisfaction. But we all know that some of these are not easily provided. However, one of the biggest motivators is reward for a "job well done". It doesn't have to be a major ceremony in front of all one's colleagues but simply a word in a teacher's ear about something that they have done well, showing that you recognise it and appreciate him / her for doing it.

Some schools have been successful in rewarding teachers in a more formal way. For example, in one school, there are competitions for "Teacher of the Month", "Best Classroom" and even "Most improved punctuality and attendance" In this school, teachers strive to achieve those rewards which are presented each month in front of their colleagues. Another school presents them (not the attendance and punctuality ones) in assembly in front of the whole school and this also helps to motivate the children.

It doesn't have to cost money either. Just a simple certificate or even a letter will suffice showing how you feel about the work the member of staff is doing. These are easily made on a word processor if you have access to one. Think how you feel when somebody tells you that you have done well. Why not try it and let us know how you got on by making a comment from below?

It works even more so with children. But, stickers are expensive and not readily available in Guyana. So why not make some of your own? True, you will need access to a printer and a photocopier but it's worth the effort even if you are in an internet cafe reading this. It will only cost a few dollars and can be used again and again.

Children will work hard for a small reward and especially something they can stick in their books and show their parents. So, we're going to give you a headstart. We've prepared a few simple ones for you to download. They use Microsoft Word so they can be changed or edited as you wish. They are there for ideas. Also the children can colour them in to make them attractive.

Another idea is to have small posters with wording such as "Star of the Week", "Best Attender", "Best Punctuality" These are placed on the classroom wall and each week the name of a child is stuck onto it temporarily and replaced the next week. You can also do it as inter-class and whole school competitions.

So, why not use your imagination and create some of the resources for yourself to motivate your children. Here are some examples of what you might make.

Small Posters ............
Star of the Week Poster
Best Punctuality
Best Attender
Mini Certificates ..............
Well Done
Today's Best Worker
Star of the Week
I tried my best
Has worked well
Great Work

And small certificates...........

General Merit Certificate

If you find it was a successful strategy, just let us know by completing the comments below.


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