Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Display in Schools

We all know that it is really important to have a rich learning environment in our classrooms. It is very motivating for children and is a learning resource for a whole variety of activities. It's not just so that the classroom "looks good" but should be linked to the activities that are taking place in it.

We also know that this can be difficult to achieve because of the lack of available resources in schools and therefore we have to be very inventive to achieve the ideal we are striving for. This article will hopefully encourage you to change your ideas into reality so that you might be able to use the resources in your classroom. They should, of course, be linked to the curriculum and used as teaching aids. They need, therefore, to be accessible to the children, at the right level and not so over crowded that they cannot be easily identified.

Classroom display is also good for showcasing children's work, modelling good work and, of course, making us all feel good about what we do and have achieved. It should be of a high quality, free from errors and most of all an example for children of how they should do their work.

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Anonymous said...

Your readers might also like the Classroom Displays Group where they will find over 2000 images of displays from all over the world. LindaH