Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Module 7 The Management of Schools

Module 7 The Management of Schools is available both in text and PDF format online from this website. Just go to the sidebar on the right to find the links to download it or read it.

The purpose of this module is to enable heads to gain an understanding and insight into the nature and dimensions of school management, and thus help them work effectively with the various groups and bodies which have a part to play in the good management of each school.

Let us first of all remind ourselves of the distinction between leadership, management and administration. A good head would be capable of all three and particularly his / her key role as a leader. We will deal with this in much greater detail in Module 8 “The Leadership of Schools”. In simple terms, the leader creates the vision and engages the staff to fulfil that vision. The manager creates order and structure to oversee and undertake the process and the various stages required to achieve the task. The administrator deals with the day-to-day issues that are required for the whole process to run smoothly, meet the requirements of the law and achieve the desired results. In short, what will be done, how it will be done and the doing!

In this Module, we will examine the process of management. There are many people and organisations involved in the management of a school and they all have their part to play. We will not only examine the role of headteacher in this but also look at the responsibilities of other outside stakeholders such as the parents, the children, the regional departments of education, the community and the central ministry.

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