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Master Trainers' Workshop Report

Education Management Programme
Master Trainers’ Workshop
Final Report

The Education Management Programme is a distance-learning course run by NCERD and the Ministry of Education for Headteachers and aspiring Headteachers throughout all of the regions in Guyana. 49 Master Trainers, mainly Headteachers and officers from the Departments of Education, currently deliver it. They operate with groups of trainees, providing support for them as well as preparing and marking assignments. The Director of NCERD, a Management Group and the Education Management Specialist (VSO) at NCERD oversee all of this.

A 5-day workshop for Master Trainers is arranged on an annual basis. This year the aims of the workshop were as follows:-

Education Management Specialist Goals

  • To enhance the Leadership and Management capacity of schools.
  • To strengthen the Leadership and Management capabilities of the education sector.

Overall Aims

  • To enhance the capacity of regional Master Trainers towards effective delivery of the Education Management Programme

Workshop Objectives

  • To analyse the current situation of the Education Management Programme
  • To make recommendations for the future of the Education Management Programme
  • To explore the concept of Leadership in schools
  • To review and plan the modules for the second half of the programme
  • To explore ways of providing support for the trainees
  • To create a model for planning a trainees’ tutorial session
  • To develop skills in preparing and marking assignments, portfolios and examinations
  • To prepare sample assignments and examination questions
  • To investigate ways of enhancing the use of additional resources

The basis of the workshop was two-fold. Firstly, a wide range of issues relating to the Management Programme was dealt with throughout the five days. Secondly, all of the above was taught through a variety of presentational styles to demonstrate different ways of motivating the trainees. By the end, the Master Trainers were well equipped to try many of them for themselves.

The workshop was designed to be highly practical and motivating for the Master Trainers. It covered a range of issues, all of which were pertinent to their role as Master Trainers. Theory was limited to support the practical nature of their work. In all cases, current practice was identified and evaluated and suggestions for future development were made.

The key issues covered were:-

  • Principles of Leadership
  • Monitoring School Effectiveness
  • Financial Management
  • School Records and Documents
  • Governance of Schools
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Providing Support for Trainees
  • Planning a Trainee Session
  • Advice on Writing and Marking Assignments and examinations
  • Preparing Assignments
  • Preparing Examinations
  • Managing the Resources
  • Communication
  • Presentation techniques and styles of delivery

Stephen Harding Education Management Specialist VSO
Mary Harding Curriculum Specialist VSO
Andrew Cartick Assessment Officer Region 4
The workshop was opened and closed by Mr M Goolsarran, Director of NCERD

The workshop was evaluated both verbally and in writing. The latter reflected the former.
A copy of the evaluation sheet is attached. The results of the evaluation are shown below:-

5 – Very Good, 4 = Good, 3 = Satisfactory, 2 = Unsatisfactory, 1 = poor.
(satisfaction rates are the sum of the responses as a percentage}

Content of the Workshop
1. Selection of topics discussed
98.7% satisfaction
2. Relevance of content to your work
100% satisfaction
3. Variety of presentations
98% satisfaction
4. Quality of the handouts provided
87.7% satisfaction
Comments Made:-
Print not always clear and font too small
Sometimes required more detail
Content was excellent and appropriate
The handouts are clear

1. Knowledge and skills
98% satisfaction
2. Approach and presentational style
99.3% satisfaction
3. Organization of the Workshop
97.4% satisfaction

Comments Made:

  • The knowledge and skills deployed will indeed strengthen the leadership and management capabilities of the Master Trainers and the Education sector
  • This workshop was the first one where I did not want to sleep even after travelling
  • This is my third time at these workshops and although learning always took place this was way beyond the expectations I arrived with. You have both inspired me to become a better facilitator and I do hope you will be able to attend at least one tutorial in my region
  • A good working team
  • Those who missed this workshop will be sorry that they did
  • Workshop achieved its objectives due to facilitators experience in an education system. Facilitators were willing to adapt and not impose.
  • It is no doubt that the facilitators have changed the picture – paints a different picture of what leadership in schools should be. Facilitators have tremendous knowledge, experience and skills that were shared. Very good. It would impact the system.
  • Excellent – other facilitators who operate from this level should be encouraged to employ similar approaches and presentational styles.
  • Facilitators were sagacious and know exactly what they want to impart. They are very enthusiastic and certainly have enthused me to emulate, The variety of techniques used kept away boredom. Presentations were like rainbows – certainly superlative and profound presentations.
  • Were very friendly, approachable and willing to help in all aspects of this worthwhile workshop.
  • Facilitators have full authority over their presentations
  • I was amazed at the wide range of styles the facilitators used in their presentations. I certainly gained a lot in this respect. Good organization.
  • A welcome and refreshing change

Venue and Resources
1. Auditorium - NCERD
98.7% satisfaction
2. Quality of Resources received
95.5% satisfaction

Other comments made:

  • All SMTs in schools should be exposed to this.
  • I was happy for the SEN sessions as well as the practicum as many trainers do not place enough emphasis on this. 
  • Effective delivery of education will improve after sensitizing Master Trainers to sensitize trainees.
  • With VAT inclusive $1,500 is definitely too small an amount for subsistence.
  • Timely. Not a dull moment.
  • Resources were relevant.
  • The venue is the best. There is need for a better subsistence package. We need additional backup reading resources that are not available to us.
  • Invitation notices should be sent out early enough for people to attend – avoid late notices and prevent absenteeism and wastage of the training with less participants,
  • Late delay of snacks and lunch caused some discomfort. Organizers must cater fully for vegetarians.
  • This workshop was very very informative and one with a tremendous difference. Participants interest aroused and maintained throughout the workshop.
  • AC was too cold on occasions.
  • Workshop has exceeded my expectations. It was a workshop in which the facilitators showed exceedingly good leadership qualities. There is every evidence of good planning catering for every eventuality.

A variety of resources were used including PowerPoint, demonstration charts, flipcharts and a wide range of handouts. A copy of all handouts in a pack was provided for all Master Trainers who could not attend. A Document CD containing all resources and photographs will be provided for each of the regions. All resources and the programme will be available on the website.

Certificate of Participation
All participants were provided with a certificate of participation, which was awarded in the last session.

The Minister of Education attended the workshop on the fourth day. The speeches of the Minister and the Facilitator were shown on national television and appeared in the press.

Stephen Harding
Education Management Specialist

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