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Survey of the Programme

During 2007, the Education Management Specialist from NCERD visited the following regions – Georgetown and Regions 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 10. He spoke to Trainees from the Programme, Master Trainers, REdOs, DEOs, Headteachers and teachers. This document outlines the general consensus of the trainees and Master Trainers in terms of how they see the course currently and the changes they would like to see to improve it for future cohorts.

It needs to be stressed that these opinions were listened to and many of the recommendations were included in the new course.

Trainee opinions of the Education Management Programme
In all, the opinions of over 400 trainees were sought. This represents an excellent sample out of the 550 Trainees. Although there was a little dissent, the vast majority would concur with the following opinions. Below are the main comments made by the participants in the course.

 Provides the knowledge and experience for the HT to operate effectively
 Builds self confidence, competence and serves as a motivator
 Provides a thorough understanding of the role of a leader.
 Helps to establish a good interpersonal relationship with the HT and other staff members.
 Helps to improve shortcomings and weaknesses as a teacher
 Provides a better understanding of record keeping
 Encourages teamwork with the staff.
 Helps to correct past mistakes
 Provides a sense of direction
 Helps us to deal with everyday situations
 Helps leaders to better guide the teachers in the school
 Better able to deal with conflict
 The concept of distance learning allows learners to set their own pace
 Information is also applicable to other parts of life e.g. home and church
 Improves decision making
 It is not costly
 Opportunities available in school to put into action what has been learnt

 Modules should be relevant to all levels of the education system – Nursery, Primary and Secondary
 A significant part of the Modules do not match the Guyanese context.
 Modules often do not provide sufficient information
 Good guidance on the principles of designing a curriculum.
 More child related activities needed
 Modules can be too verbose

 Marks allotment not fairly spread
 There are too many activities and trainees find it difficult to complete on time.
 There are not enough marks for activities which can be very lengthy
 Some felt the grading system needs to be revised
 Assignments are generally at the right level although some find them challenging
 More materials and guidance needed to do the assignments
 Assignments are more about recall than understanding and evaluation
 Assignments and examination questions often asks for lists which restrict candidates
 Coursework grades should be given before the examination
 There should be certification for each part – Modules 1 – 4, Modules 5 – 8 and Practicum
 More time is needed to complete assignments
 Marked assignments should be returned to the teacher more promptly

Tutorials and Trainers
 Many tutorial sessions had been very beneficial
 There are not enough tutorial sessions for trainees
 Trainees should be encouraged to set up study groups with others
 Some felt feedback from Master Trainers was inadequate
 Provides activities to do in the school for practice
 Some time should be provided on a monthly basis for course participants
 Trainers are not always easily available on the phone.
 Tutors are flexible and understanding

 Additional resource materials are needed to supplement the modules
 Would like to receive, handouts, newsletters and DVDs
 Welcome the development of www.ncerdleaders,com website
 There needs to be a functioning resource centre in every region which contain management materials

 Print and compilation of modules is poor
 Modules are often late arriving for trainees
 Headteachers should be of more assistance to those who are doing the course
 There should be more practical work
 Recognition should be made of the fact that not all trainees are HTs and want to be HTs

 There needs to be monetary incentive to do the programme.

This opinions have been included in a report to the Ministry of Education and Recommendations have been made in some areas.

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