Wednesday, 9 December 2015

42 new graduates of the EMC in Region 5

No 29 Primary School in Region 5 was decked out to receive 42 new graduates of the Education Management Programme. The graduates had spent 18 months studying on the programme run by the Ministry of Education NCERD. It caters for serving and aspiring Headteachers.

The invited guests, family and friends and colleague Headteachers listened to the development of the Programme in the Region since it started 6 years ago. The number of graduates has almost doubled with each of the three cohorts and 97 have already applied for the next group to start later this month. One speaker quoted the longest serving master trainer Ms Ethlyn Kendall as saying some time ago that she wanted Education Management to become an "infectious disease" in the region. It certainly appears that way.

Addresses were made by the chairperson for the day, a former graduate of the programme, who ably led the proceedings, the Regional Chairman, the Regional Executive Officer and the REDO for Region 5. The presence of such eminent persons clearly indicates the importance placed on excellent leadership in the Region's schools. Mr Stephen Harding, Education Management Specialist and VSO responsible for the training of the programme, gave the feature address. He noted that the graduates were now academically prepared for a senior leadership role in a Guyanese school but that would only be the start of the journey. They need to show by their determination, practice and efforts to be worthy of the role. He placed great emphasis on earning respect rather than just expecting respect because they were in a leadership role.

Mrs Mary Harding, Literacy Specialist and VSO along with the Regional Executive Officer distributed the certificates and the trophies for the best performers. Mr Andrew Kartick from NCERD led the "Charge" with two poems which highlighted the importance of the child as an individual. Region 5 is now ready for the next round of the programme. Its master trainers are Mr Dyiaram Samaroo, Mr Harold Lewis, Ms Ethlyn Kendall and Ms Monica Fraser-Carmichael who, as Headteacher, allowed her school to be used for the Graduation.
Congratulations to the new Educational leaders of Region 5!

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